A bit about me

I’m a product designer based in Los Angeles, CA with 9 years of graphic design and marketing experience within the arts and advertising industries.

I’m process-oriented by nature and my design practice has always been iterative, collaborative, and based on a strong foundation of research, all of which sparked my interest and eventual transition into UX.

I love being involved in every step of a project’s life cycle from ideation through implementation. My background gives me the unique ability to balance analytical problem-solving skills with a refined design aesthetic in the service of creating intuitive and beautiful user experiences.

Current favorites

📺 Watching
Derry Girls
The Great
📖 Reading
Braiding Sweetgrass
Jitterbug Perfume
🎧 Listening
99% Invisible

In my free time

When not solving user problems, I'm most likely researching my next trip, eating samples at the farmers' market, or making lists for basically everything. I also dabble in film photography, oil painting, and I'm currently learning how to embroider.
Dandelions captured on 35mm film
Nurturing a door obsession in Sibiu, Romania
5x5" oil painting, part of a series of 12